Overnight Treks

Explorers Route — 4½ days

These treks follow the same route as Thomas Brunner, one of New Zealand’s first adventurers, along the rugged West Coast, where the beaches stretch out to what seems to be forever....

Experience the solitude of just you and your horse, where the thought of towns and cities just doesn’t exist. We take you to the remote Kahurangi Point, within the Kahurangi National Park, and stay in what was the lighthouse keeper’s house, now renovated into a bunkhouse and administered by DOC. Join Don and I as we take you walking through time, and check out the lighthouse that stands guard over the reefs below, where we will also set the net to catch you some of the freshest fish you will ever taste. Scramble around the rocks and find yourself a paua (abalone), an entrée before a home-cooked dinner. The rock pools are simply teeming with life of one sort or another. Check out all the colours of the sea anemones. Wander up the Kahurangi River; feast your eyes on what we call the beer pool, where the water drops some 3 metres into a round pool. The native bush here is spectacular – the colours of the mosses and ferns are such vibrant greens – an amazing sight.

Follow Don as we climb the huge sand dunes that have consumed the tall trees, leaving just the very top branches exposed. It is a truly magical place.

Cape Farewell Horse Treks | horse back riding and trekking in Golden Bay, New Zealand
Golden Bay is just over the hill from Nelson and is the entrance to the Abel Tasman and Kahurangi National Parks.

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